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We advocate private state banking - work around the Federal Reserve and save the State Taxpayers money.

The Public Banking Institute was formed in January 2011 and is a national educational non-profit organization working to achieve the implementation of public banking at all levels of the American economy and government: local, regional, state, and national. This is not a new or radical idea - there are abundant successful examples of public banking around the world - but there is currently only one such bank (the Bank of North Dakota) in the United States, where Wall Street has tried to erase the idea from our collective memory for over a century.

Time is now to create a State Bank
The Green Party / The urgent need for public banking.
What Wall Street Costs America

• Most important for the new administration to consider, a state-owned bank of Louisiana could spell the end of our state’s perpetual budget crises. Such has been the case in North Dakota: According to the Public Banking Institute, over the past decade the state-owned Bank of North Dakota has “returned over $300 million to the state’s general fund

• How your state can create its own bank and no longer pay Wall Street to manage government.

• How your state can save millions by a state owned bank. Read the links above!

Learn how EFT, Emotional Freedom Therapy can change your life.

Oath of Ethical Healing

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